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A curation of my work. Personal, professional, public and private.
fix this first
Looking to grow your business? Start here! 'Fix this first' is a short book that explores the most important thing you need to master in order to grow your business.
‍A newsletter packed with practical advice and inspiration that will lead you to do your best work and build something you're truly proud of. All delivered straight from my garage to your inbox.
creative breakfast
Every week, on a Friday, a small but global group of creatives share the remarkable things that caught their eye.
curve session
Ben @ IFSOBCZWHY invited me to Stoke to sit down and talk. This is my curve session.
World-class coaches, a like-minded community, and access to everything you need to take your business to the next level.
make your mark
A collection of 100 lessons learned from 5 years of building hundreds of creative businesses. If you are doing the brave work of building something for yourself, this is for you.
work in progress
A rebellion against the digital newsletter, built on everything I've learned from building digital newsletters.
not a podcast
A podcast that isn't.
founder story
Ensuring the success of creative businesses, by making cool stuff.
are you ready?
For those who are yet to start. Launched on a Monday. Ready by Friday.​ Created in front of a live studio audience.
short runs
Some of our editions.london experiments only bear a little fruit. We release these as short runs. Incredibly limited. Often unexpected.
A curation of ideas to make you take a sideways look at your business and/or craft to build something truly remarkable.
about me
Iain Thackrah is a UK-based entrepreneur and business coach. A mentor to entrepreneurs. Writer, speaker, creative. Generalist. Specialist. Jack of all trades, master of some. Iain makes sure deciding to build something for yourself is the best decision you ever make...

...that's enough 3rd person for one page!

What gets me up in the morning
\ progress, better takes time and effort
\ change, you can make a difference
\ potential, you can be better than you can imagine
\ optimism, you can do this
\ together, you don’t have to do this alone
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fix this first
are you ready?
make your mark